Software Development

We are passionate about Software Development which ranges from internal management systems to your company website. All of which is vitally important to your business. We have worked alongside some of the biggest and best brands across the globe on their internal and external digital infrastructure. Reducing processing time, increasing speed and agility are areas in which we thrive in.

Here at Halwits, our team of 30 full time developers are on hand to turn your idea into a reality. We have extensive knowledge in AngularJS, Java, .NET, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Python, Oracle, ASP, VC++, C#, PERL, MS Access and many more.

Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile applications for iOS and Android can seem daunting. Our team are on hand to support you during this phase and help guide your business through the development world. We’re fluid in all major developing languages and have created various games and enterprise applications for clients.

More and more of us are using mobile devices in the workplace and rely on accurate information at all times at our disposal. If your business requires a Web, iOS or Android application, why not email us?

UI/UX Design & Wireframe

User Interface and User Experience – Two fundamental aspects of any project. We’ve all seen it, a website, internal system, online application that is incredibly difficult to use and not user friendly. We understand the frustration, so with every project we clearly map how the UI/UX will look and operate to ensure your customers are experiencing the best of your application.

Did you know that mobile users are 5x more likely to abandon your website/cloud based application if the site isn’t optimised for mobile.

Staffing Solutions

If you are not interested increasing overheads and hiring additional staff, then you can utilise virtual staffing solutions in which you need not worry about any of the additional allowances.

We appoint a dedicated project manager exclusively working on your project. With our ever growing team, we can dynamically add additional resources to our team from graphic designers, front/backend developers through to project managers. With our connections globally, we’re even able to fly developers out to your office.

We believe in being transparent about costing and expectations. With this in mind, we ensure that all of our employees are trained to the highest level to ensure your project(s) are being delivered to the highest of standards.

Branding & Graphic Design

At the heart of a great business is a first class product or service and every business wants to be a customer’s ‘first choice’. Building and managing a brand can play a large part in making this happen and if you want to strengthen and manage the perceptions of your business, then a strong brand is needed. Good branding elevates and differentiates your like-for-like products or services and gives your customers reason to choose you over your competitors.

Systems Integration & Infrastructure

Your business infrastructure is critical. This can range from emails to website hosting. We utilise the latest Cloud-Based technology in all of our projects from Hybrid, Private and Shared servers through to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. We help your business navigate through the variety of choices to best suit your needs. We’ll also keep you up to date with any new technology that your solution may benefit from.